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Interested in buying or selling a new or used RV?

Hi, I’m Jake, a dedicated DIYer by nature with an eye for detail and the founder of Search & Rescue RV Inspections. I’ve been in technical trades my whole life so I’m a handy guy to know!  

RVs are a huge investment. You owe it to yourself to make the most informed buying or selling decision possible. Search & Rescue RV Inspections was founded to help you do just that!  

Where it all began...

When I decided to purchase my first RV, I quickly learned an extremely valuable lesson.

You don't know what you don't know! 

I picked up a used travel trailer to surprise my wife because we had been dreaming of getting on the road in a camper. It appeared to me the unit was in great condition and it didn't seem to have any issues. 

Then came the big surprise!

After I purchased the trailer  - much to my dismay - I discovered the roof leaked, the floor was rotting away in unseen areas and critical safety items were not functioning properly or at all!

I had unknowingly invested in tons of problems on wheels!  It's safe to say I was only beginning to understand everything I didn’t know about RVs!

Fast forward a couple of years

It was time for us to purchase another RV.  We were determined to avoid all the problems we encountered the first time around so we decided to buy new instead of used.

Surprisingly, what I found after much research was the RV industry has suffered from quality issues directly from the manufacturers (for years) and there is currently no end in sight. It made perfect sense for us to get the vehicle inspected prior to the purchase.

Unfortunately our brand new RV seemed to have as many problems or potential issues as the used one!  So...

What did I learn from all this?

The experience and headaches from our first two purchases opened my eyes to the immediate value and necessity of getting a thorough RV inspection and report.

How all this Benefits You...

I studied diligently to arm myself with the necessary knowledge to become a Certified Level Two Inspector with the National RV Inspectors Association so I could help you avoid the same frustration I suffered with my first two purchases. 

Happy Endings and a Solution for You...

We are now on our third RV, a 31’ foot fifth wheel that we plan to live in full time after selling our house in the future and could not be happier!  

I encourage you to make sure your RV is inspected by a Certified Inspector. One with hands-on training and proven knowledge to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Don’t make the same mistakes continually made by thousands of new RVers when buying or selling new or used RV.

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